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Mete Berk Cetiner


I am Mete Berk Çetiner.

As an entrepreneur, coach, psychologist, content creator, and HR expert, my passion is lifelong learning and development.


I graduated with dual degrees in Business and Psychology from Koç University on a full scholarship, marking a pivotal moment in my life.

I have worked in a leading HR consultancy firm and the HR department of Koç Holding, a Fortune 500 company. These roles have significantly enhanced my expertise in the corporate world.

I specialize in designing adult training and development programs, excelling in assessment, analysis, and action plan creation. Enhancing employee experience in corporate settings is both my passion and area of expertise.

Additionally, I hold international coaching accreditations from ICF and EMCC, and I actively engage in coaching and consulting.

I introduce myself to my clients as a mentor.

I believe that being healthy, happy, and successful requires looking at the whole picture, not just the parts.

When working with my clients, I address every aspect of their lives:

  • From their psychological health to their professional goals,

  • From their physical health to their personal well-being and family life,

  • My approach elevates their quality of life across all areas.

Here are the services I offer:

  • Holistic Personal Coaching: I support my clients in achieving their career, personal development, and lifestyle goals.

  • Psychological Counseling: I provide professional psychological counseling services tailored to the emotional and mental needs of my clients.

  • Career and Business Consulting: I mentor my clients in career planning, professional development, and leadership skills to help them succeed in the business world.

  • Physical Health and Beauty Consulting: I offer comprehensive support including nutrition and personal training programs to meet my clients' physical health and beauty needs.

This holistic approach supports balanced and healthy development in all areas, offering truly effective transformation and progress.


Additionally, I create various tools and products to help individuals discover and develop themselves on their personal growth journeys. Among these, the OST Mobile App is the most significant and impactful product.

Why I Do What I Do

2022 was a challenging year for me; it was both my darkest and brightest year.

I experienced burnout and felt lost in my career. I was unsatisfied with my work performance and emotional state.

However, this period also marked a turning point.

I immersed myself in therapy, coaching, personality tests, philosophy, and science.

I sought to understand myself, used scientific and tested methods, and gradually gained clarity. It felt like rediscovering myself.

I realized that my true motivation is helping people improve their lives, especially in finding clarity and purpose.

That's why I started providing coaching and psychological counseling.

I also wanted to extend the impact I created individually to a wider audience. I wanted to share the tools I used during my rediscovery process with others. Some of these resources were expensive and difficult to access.

Therefore, I decided to establish OST - One Simple Test and created the most comprehensive personal awareness mobile application for free.

OST emerged as a culmination of my expertise, experiences, and discoveries. I see OST not just as a business but as a significant venture that allows me to contribute to society and individuals.

The OST Vision

OST is more than just a mobile app; it is the name of a movement aimed at personal transformation. It's a calling for me.

My goal is to provide in-depth personality analyses and personal development tools for free so that they are accessible to everyone.

I meticulously crafted each test, drawing inspiration from the best assessment tools worldwide. Using artificial intelligence, I ensured that each test offers both depth and accuracy, based on the research combined with my expertise and experience.

My Purpose, Your Journey

OST is a tangible expression of my vision and passion;

  • it includes over 35 personality tests,

  • detailed analyses,

  • and more than 750 AI-generated art pieces—I now consider myself an artist too—and

  • the in-depth blog articles I write for the newsletter.

OST is a community that encourages you to explore, celebrate, and grow.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and discover yourself?

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